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  • Effective treatment for spider veins
  • Safe and little to no pain
  • No downtime
  • Great solution for facial veins/redness
  • No surgery

How does Veinwave Therapy work and what exactly are Spider Veins?

Veinwave is a revolutionary advanced procedure to treat spider veins anywhere on your body, but is normally used to treat veins and redness on the face and chest. Its biggest advantage is that Veinwave can easily treat even the tiniest veins that cannot be treated by typical techniques like Sclerotherapy or Laser Therapy. The procedure is quick, with immediate recovery and relatively little discomfort. Estimates say that more than 75% of females over the age of 18 have spider veins. Don’t be a part of this huge number and do something about it as soon as possible

Spider veins are a problem that bothers millions of people around the globe. The name comes simply from their resemblance to a star with multiple small veins radiating from a center, sort of like when a spider is weaving its web. Red, blue or purple in color, these thread-like lines mainly appear on the legs, but they can also mar your face. Typically, they are caused by abnormal blood flow and weakening of the blood vessel. (You can read more about Spider Veins here)

Veinwave Therapy is a minimally invasive technique which uses thermocoagulation to heat and close vessels immediately with an electrical device. An ultra-fine insulated needle will be inserted into the outer-most layer of your skin without actually piercing the vessel itself. The vessel is then destroyed and disappears immediately. I know the word ‘needle’ probably makes you cringe already, but you really needn’t fear this procedure. The needle is so fine and thin, you will probably feel no pain.

Is Veinwave Therapy painful and what’s the recovery time?

Two most important questions everybody always wants answered are:

Is it going to hurt?

No, it shouldn’t hurt. Some people say they had a pin-pricking feeling for a second but that’s about it. Your doctor will just clean the injection area, and you won’t even need any anesthesia – that’s how simple this procedure is. It is done in an outpatient setting, and doesn’t last more than 15-20 minutes, depending on how large the treated area is. You’ll be in and out of the office in no time at all.

Can I go to work the day after?

You don’t even have to wait that long, just take your lunch break to do this procedure. Minimally invasive techniques usually have zero downtime, and Veinwave is no exception to this rule. People with sensitive skin can see some minor reddening in the treated area, but in most cases there is no visible sign that anything has been done to your skin. No need for bandages or painkillers, just avoid sun exposure for a few days and you should be good.

What are the advantages of Veinwave Therapy over other procedures?

Several advantages of Veinwave Therapy are very few risks and side-effects, immediate recovery, maximum effectiveness, and little to no pain. Veinwave Therapy can be used to treat spider veins in all areas of your body, but it is particularly effective when treating spider veins on the bony parts, such as knees, ankles, and face. Spider veins on the face are often too small to be treated with Sclerotherapy, and too delicate to be treated with lasers. There is no other spot on your body that is more visible to others than your face, so you want to choose as gentle procedure as possible – and Veinwave solution poses little to no risk of burning or scarring your face.

How do I find the best specialist for this?

Make sure that you find a specialized clinic for this procedure, with lots of experience and latest Veinwave technology. Don’t hesitate to schedule several appointments to ensure the best results. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry with any procedure performed on your body!

You can just call and schedule an appointment to get any specific answers. All these offices are state-of-the-art and the staff is very friendly to their patients.

Is one Veinwave treatment enough and when do I see the results?

This really depends on how many spider veins are treated and how large the areas are. Some people will do with only one session, others might need two to three. Discuss your specific situation with a specialist to find a more accurate answer. The results are usually visible almost immediately, and they will improve within the next few days. The best part is that normally they’re permanent – once you get rid of the spider veins in a specific area, they probably won’t bother you again.

Cost and Insurance

The cost of Veinwave Therapy will depend on how large the treated area is. Unfortunately, most medical insurance and Medicare do not cover this procedure as it is still considered more of an aesthetic concern. All specialist groups mentioned above that perform Veinwave Therapy for Spider Veins are extremely skilled at dealing with insurance companies and they will be of great assistance. Even if you do have to pay for the procedure yourself, it is still worth the costs.


Further Reading

History of Veinwave

The invention of Veinwave and its 2009 approval by the FDA in the US was preceded by years of research, studies, and tests by a group of vascular experts that formed at the end of the 1990s. Formerly, it was always the major vascular conditions that drew all the attention, and the options of vein treatments were very limited. Thanks to the doctors who worked on developing Veinwave electrical device, it is now possible to treat very fine cosmetic veins as well.

Veinwave was first introduced by Dr. Brian Newman, MD, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, in the UK in 2001. Dr. Newman is a vascular surgeon and one of the leading authorities in the cosmetic vein treatments in the UK. Veinwave technology functions on the principle of thermo-coagulation. It utilizes the safe heat energy emitted by a uni-polar current at the tip of an ultra-fine insulated needle. That way the device is able to specifically target each individual vein for treatment, and at the same time, protect the surrounding tissue through the insulation of the needle. As a result, the fine veins disappear immediately without any lasting trauma to the skin.

The first expert to utilize Veinwave treatment in the US was Dr. Jeffrey H. Miller MD, an awarding physician and vascular specialist in Michigan. Veinwave electrical device is now available world-wide, and is often used together with micro-sclerotherapy, enabling the doctors to offer a comprehensive vein therapy.