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Butcher’s Broom for Varicose Veins: Yes or No?

Vein-related disorders have become one of the most frequent chronic diseases amongst Americans – 50% of them are experiencing at least a minor case of chronic venous insufficiency – a condition of damaged vein valves and poor blood circulation that typically results in varicose veins. Women are more prone to develop vein-related disorders than men […]

Published on: 27 May 2015
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Grapes for Varicose Veins: Miracle or Lie?

Varicose and spider veins are a common problem that affects 50% Americans, and women are at higher risk. Most people keep postponing professional treatment for years because at the beginning varicose and spider veins are mainly a cosmetic concern rather than a serious health issue. There are many natural products and herbal supplements on the […]

Published on: 25 April 2015
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Horse Chestnut for Varicose Veins: Miracle or Lie?

Millions of people solve this problem all the time – do I really have to bother going to the doctor’s just because my ankles become cankles at the end of the day and my legs cramp? Varicose and spider veins are a common problem and most people keep postponing treatment for years. Occasional cramps go […]

Published on: 30 March 2015
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Natural Remedies & Herbal Supplements

Natural Remedies and Herbal Supplements for Varicose Veins: Fact or Myth? It seems to be a current trend now that we try to resolve our ailments and health issues with natural remedies rather than using chemicals of the scientific medicine – and varicose veins are no exception to the rule. We always want to try […]

Published on: 9 January 2015
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