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Answers to Seven Frequently Asked Questions about Varicose Veins

If you have varicose veins or are concerned that you might develop them, consider these answers to common questions to better educate yourself on preventing and treating venous disorder. What are varicose veins? Varicose veins are nonfunctional superficial veins that are visible through the skin. They are often purple or blue in color and may […]

Published on: 29 September 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

Get Relief from Varicose Veins with These Home Treatments

Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic issue. People suffering with varicose veins often experience pain and fatigue as a result of venous disease. While having varicose veins treated is the best way to relieve these symptoms, there are some home treatments you can employ for temporary relief. Compression Therapy Compression socks, sleeves, or stockings—when […]

Published on: 27 September 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

What to Do if Your Varicose Veins Start Bleeding

While many people think of varicose veins as just a cosmetic concern, if left untreated, varicose veins can actually cause health issues. Fatigue, pain, swelling, and restless leg syndrome are some of the less severe potential consequences of untreated varicose veins. More severe potential consequences include ulceration, external bleeding, and a condition called lipodermatosclerosis that […]

Published on: 23 September 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

3 Surprising Places Other Than Legs Where Varicose Veins Can Appear

When we talk about varicose veins, we’re usually talking about the unsightly spider or bulging veins that are visible through the skin on our legs. What most people don’t know is that varicose and spider veins can also appear on many other places on the body. Here are three places you didn’t know you could […]

Published on: 16 September 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

4 Major Benefits of Varicose Vein Treatment

In the old days of vein stripping surgery, there were very few benefits to having varicose veins treated. Vein stripping procedures were highly invasive, had a low rate of success, and required a lot of time for recovery. And after enduring the pain of surgery and recovery, women would be rid of varicose veins for […]

Published on: 12 September 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Varicose Vein Treatment?

If you’re considering having your varicose veins treated and carry Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, you’re probably wondering if your insurance will cover your varicose vein treatment. According to a publication about varicose vein treatments on the company’s website, it appears that Blue Cross Blue Shield may cover varicose vein treatment. However, the individual […]

Published on: 9 September 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

Jessica Alba May Be Suffering from Varicose Veins

In an interview published last month, actress Jessica Alba admitted to wearing compression socks every time she travels. She tells US Weekly: “I never travel without my circulation socks, Honest Beauty Magic Balm for my face, Honest Organic Healing Balm for my feet, a hydrating face mask and my Turbie Twist. Sexy!” While Alba has […]

Published on: 6 September 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Prevent Varicose Veins While Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, you have plenty to worry about—what will things be like when your baby is born, what will you name your baby, what color should you paint the nursery, what things will your baby need—so the last thing you need to do is add worrying about varicose veins on top of everything else. […]

Published on: 29 August 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

Common Myths About Varicose Veins that Are Absolutely Untrue

It’s likely that over the course of your life, you’ve heard a number of urban legends about varicose veins. This post explores these myths, why they exist, and why they are simply untrue. Myth 1: Varicose Veins Are Caused by Crossing Your Legs Feel free to cross your legs all you want—this myth is false. […]

Published on: 26 August 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team

What to Do When Varicose Veins Return After Treatment

There is nothing more frustrating than having your varicose veins treated only to see them return. You’ve just gotten used to showing off your legs proudly without self-consciousness, but now those dark veins are peeking through your skin again. You may be trying to get yourself used to the idea of living with varicose veins […]

Published on: 22 August 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team