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Is It Dangerous to Fly with Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are bulging, visible veins that form when blood valves fail in superficial veins. When valves fail, blood pools in superficial veins, making veins appear through the skin. The presence of varicose veins does not necessarily represent health risks—in many cases living with varicose veins is simply a cosmetic inconvenience. However, leaving varicose veins […]

Published on: 1 November 2016
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Jessica Alba May Be Suffering from Varicose Veins

In an interview published last month, actress Jessica Alba admitted to wearing compression socks every time she travels. She tells US Weekly: “I never travel without my circulation socks, Honest Beauty Magic Balm for my face, Honest Organic Healing Balm for my feet, a hydrating face mask and my Turbie Twist. Sexy!” While Alba has […]

Published on: 6 September 2016
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Who’s at Risk on a Long-haul Flight?

Air travel has become one of the main means of transport for many people. Whether you fly internationally on vacation or domestically on business, so far flying is the fastest way to get to the point of destination. Unfortunately, even flying is not without its risks, and I’m not talking engine failure or adverse weather […]

Published on: 7 August 2015
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Compression Stockings: Yes or No?

Do your legs feel tired and heavy after a long day? Are you woken up by leg cramps in the middle of the night? Have you just undergone surgery or are you planning a long-haul flight? Compression stockings could help you in all these situations.   Do I even need compression stockings, I hear you […]

Published on: 5 March 2015
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Economy Class Syndrome: Should I Worry on a Long-Haul Flight?

Air travel – we love it because the plane can take us thousands of miles in a relatively short period of time. Until the guy next to us starts to snore, a baby cries incessantly, and a flight attendant spills coffee in our lap. Unfortunately, there are much more serious things to pay attention to […]

Published on: 9 February 2015
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