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Compression Stockings: Yes or No?

Do your legs feel tired and heavy after a long day? Are you woken up by leg cramps in the middle of the night? Have you just undergone surgery or are you planning a long-haul flight? Compression stockings could help you in all these situations.   Do I even need compression stockings, I hear you […]

Published on: 5 March 2015
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Compression Stockings and Pregnancy

Being pregnant and becoming a mom is one the happiest times for most women, and despite potential risks, we would all agree that they’re worth the bundle of joy we will enjoy for the rest of our lives. One of the less pleasant experiences we face during pregnancy is the formation of varicose veins and […]

Published on: 16 February 2015
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Varicose Veins on Valentine’s Day? No Way!

The heart-shaped holiday of Saint Valentine’s is just around the corner, and together with the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere it looks like we have a lovey-dovey weekend ahead of us. The 14th of February has been celebrated as the most romantic day when lovers expressed their passion for each other since the Middle Ages. […]

Published on: 13 February 2015
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Compression Stockings: Firm or Extra Firm Compression?

In our last article we discussed the many benefits of compression stockings – a special kind of elastic hosiery which compresses your legs, supports healthy blood circulation, prevents various vein-related risks and relieves the symptoms. There are 4 different compression levels of these stockings and which is the right one for you mainly depends on […]

Published on: 24 January 2015
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Compression Stockings: Mild or Moderate Compression?

The current lifestyle of most of us is not ideal for our veins. Spending more and more time sitting or standing instead of walking and moving around, takes its toll on the condition of our veins. According to estimates, by the age of 40 the majority of Americans have suffered from at least a mild […]

Published on: 13 January 2015
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