5 Shocking Causes of Varicose Veins


The direct cause of varicose and spider veins is failed blood vessels that are unable to move blood properly through superficial veins. When blood vessels cannot move blood out of veins, blood pools in the veins and makes them visible through the skin as varicose or spider veins. And while failed blood vessels may be the direct cause of venous disorder, there are some things you can do to increase your likelihood of developing varicose veins. Here are five of the most surprising causes of venous disorder:

High Heels

When you’re young, high heels make your legs look shapely and fabulous. But if you wear heels too often for too many years, it can make you more likely to develop bulging veins in your legs. When you wear heels, it prohibits your foot from landing flat on the floor when you walk, making it more difficult for your body to move blood from your feet into your legs. This forces blood vessels to work harder and could result in blood vessel failure over time. Prevent bulging veins by alternating between flats and heels as often as possible.


Drinking too much caffeine, whether it’s in the form of coffee, tea, or sodas, can contribute to the likelihood that you’ll develop varicose veins by increasing blood your pressure. When you drink caffeine, your blood vessels constrict, making it more difficult for blood to move freely through your circulatory system. Over time, this could result in the development of varicose veins. To avoid venous disorder, make sure you drink only the amount of caffeine recommended by your doctor each day.


You may have noticed that people who have drinking problems tend to have red blotches across the bridges of their noses and on their cheeks and cheekbones. This redness is spider veins caused by overconsumption of alcohol. To avoid varicose veins caused by alcohol intake, check with your doctor to find out how much alcohol is reasonable to consume for a person of your age and body type, and try not to exceed his/her recommendation.

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Some studies suggest that developing varicose veins and spider veins may be genetic. This means that if your parents have bulging veins, you may be more likely to develop them. There are some things you can do to try to prevent venous disorder if you think your genetics put you at risk. You can wear compression stockings, keep your feet propped up at night, and exercise regularly. These things all improve blood flow and make it less likely that blood valves will fail.

Your Job

Sitting too much and standing too much are both common causes of varicose and spider veins, so if you’re required to do either for your job, you may be at risk for developing venous disorder. To reduce your chances, try alternating positions throughout the day with sitting or walking breaks.

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Published on: 24 October 2016
Posted by: Editorial Team