Celebrity Buzz: Famous for Hand Veins

Twisting, bluish veins on your hands are typically not a major health concern – they start bulging and become naturally more prominent with increasing age because the hand skin thins and loses elasticity. In most cases, this condition doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort and most women look for treatment simply for aesthetic reasons. After all, you can have many areas on your body cosmetically treated to cheat time, but as they say, hands will always give away your true age.

Hand veins have a tendency to get worse over time, becoming even more noticeable and changing the overall coloration of your hands. If you’re tired of scaring people with your hands as if it were Halloween season all year around, find an experienced specialist and have your hand veins treated. There are non-invasive treatments available now that have no downtime and minimum risks. Or maybe you will find some comfort in the fact that even some famous people experience the same problem.

Kirstie Alley

The Look Who’s Talking star has had minor hiccups trying to age gracefully. Her constant weight gain/loss fluctuation is not the only problem, though. Her hands definitely show off her age in true colors.

Kirstie Alley1FLYNET - Kirstie Alley Leaving Her New York Hotel


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, alias Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City is a pro when it comes down to protruding veins and she has been criticized countless times, whether it was veins on her legs, feet, arms or – wait for it – hands!

Sarah Jessica Parker2

Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker1


The ‘Queen of Pop’ is almost 60 years old, so it would be only natural for her hands to show all the veins due to her age. But in her case, it is more likely the price for strenuous physical exercise that gave Madonna not only arms that any guy could envy her, but also twisting arm and hand veins.


Angelina Jolie

When Angelina Jolie got engaged, many media articles focused more on her veiny hands than the ring that was on them. Unfortunately, we’d have to agree. Gone are the days of Angelina as a strong Tomb Raider – after having lost a lot of weight, the veins came out from hiding.Angelin Jolie2"Salt" South Korea Premiere



Published on: 23 October 2015
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