Famous for That Popping Vein!

Bulging veins in your face are not a major health issue. They typically show up in the middle of the forehead or on the temples, and become more prominent with increasing age – this is because as you grow old, the skin relaxes and thins which enables veins in those areas to protrude more than is desirable. Popping veins on the forehead don’t usually cause pain, but thanks to their often bluish color and unflattering shape, they are simply annoying from an aesthetic point of view.

For as unsightly as they might be, bulging veins on your forehead are nothing unusual, and even many celebrities have been caught on camera with this troublesome ‘lightning’ in their face.

Tom Cruise

The American actor and filmmaker, famous for his role as Maverick in the 1986 action drama Top Gun, is aging incredibly well, and despite being 53 years old now, he still maintains that boyish charm. We have to admit, though, the popping vein on his forehead is ruining the final impression a little bit…

Tom Cruise1

Tom Cruise

Julia Roberts

The American Pretty Woman is still pretty even at the age of almost 50. The vein on her forehead is getting more prominent, but in no way does it affect her dazzling smile!

Julia Roberts1

Julia Roberts

Angelina Jolie

While still extremely attractive, the American actress, filmmaker and humanitarian seems to have a personal collection of bulging veins, whether they’re on her arms, legs, or in this case, her face.

Angelina Jolie1

Angelina Jolie

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The American singer, actress, fashion icon and Goddess of Pop is almost seventy years old now, so no wonder you’d see facial veins popping like crazy. Frankly, in her age it’s just natural.


Published on: 12 August 2015
Posted by: Veins