Spider Veins: Face of an Easter Egg??

Facial RednessEaster is just around the corner. Celebrated by millions of people around the world, in many countries Easter is a public holiday. Whether you’re Catholic or Orthodox and honor Easter Sunday or Monday as the day of significance, one thing is common for most Easter believers – Easter eggs, specially decorated eggs of all the colors you can imagine. Now, why am I babbling about Easter and what does it have to do with veins, I hear you ask. A friend of mine came to work yesterday morning completely frustrated and said: “Why does my face look like an Easter egg?”

Facial RednessLet’s leave aside how hilarious that question itself was. What she really had in mind were tiny little reddish, purplish and bluish veins on her face – facial telangiectasias. She had been quite busy lately, lots of stress and coffee, little too much wine, lack of sleep, irregular diet, and here she was comparing her cheeks to the colorful trophies of Easter hunt. So, why do our faces change colors like that and what can we do about it?

Facial redness (which can actually be of multiple different colors, not just red) occurs for various reasons, but generally it is caused by broken capillaries and spider veins in your face. The exact cause of spider veins is not perfectly clear, but some common aspects, such as heredity, pregnancy, aging, and sun damage, are huge contributing factors. And Facial Rednessif you add some alcohol, bad diet and no sleep, the disaster is on its way. The most affected areas on the face are around the nose, cheeks and chin, and in whites of the eyes. Facial redness is usually not a major health issue, but rather a cosmetic concern. A little bit of blushing every now and then can be cute, but who wants to permanently look like a tomato?

Fortunately for all of us, treating facial redness has become a walk in the park. Modern minimally invasive procedures don’t require surgery and have zero to little downtime. Skilled specialists will treat facial spider veins in their office in an outpatient setting. Sclerotherapy and Laser Therapy are considered the most effective treatments. So if you have problems with facial redness, go fix it. As I told my dear friend: “I love Easter, but I don’t want your face to remind me of it all year long.”

Happy Easter

Published on: 25 March 2015
Posted by: Veins