Compression Stockings: Firm or Extra Firm Compression?

In our last article we discussed the many benefits of compression stockings – a special kind of elastic hosiery which compresses your legs, supports healthy blood circulation, prevents various vein-related risks and relieves the symptoms. There are 4 different compression levels of these stockings and which is the right one for you mainly depends on the gravity of your vein-related disorder. We’ve already described the first two compression levels – mild and moderate, and today we are getting to the remaining two: firm compression and extra firm compression. Both of these are typically recommended by a medical professional in severe cases of varicose veins, or other serious conditions.


Firm Compression

The third compression level is typically used after varicose vein treatments such as sclerotherapy to avoid the reappearance of spider and varicose veins. It can still be used as prevention and to relieve various symptoms, but firm compression is really focused on more serious vein-related disorders: moderate to severe lymphatic edema, active leg ulcers, superficial thrombophlebitis (when a blood clot forms close to the surface of your skin), post-thrombotic syndrome, and others.


Extra Firm Compression

The fourth and the last compression level is used in severe cases of vein-related disorders: severe varicose veins, severe edema and lymphedema, severe venous ulcers and post-thrombotic syndrome, orthostatic hypotension and postural hypotension.


Compression stockings are vital help for your legs and suitable compression based on your underlying condition is important. If you don’t choose the right compression level, compression stockings can do more damage than good, so consult everything with your physician. He has the knowledge and experience to give you the most informed advice!

Published on: 24 January 2015
Posted by: Admin